For those of you who are new to the festival, here are a few important pieces of information:


There is a $3.00 Suggested Donation for this event. These donations help offset the cost of the festival.

Each entrance to the festival will have a entrance booth where you can donate $3.00, pick up a People’s Choice Award ballot and pick up a brochure which includes an entertainment schedule, a list of participating vendors, and a festival map.


There are 2 ATM locations within the festival.

Sona Bank

Located on West Market Street, in front of the Lightfoot Garden lot, on the right hand side of the street heading west.

Sona Bank

Located on King Street, between Market St and Loudoun St, on the right hand side of the street heading north.


There are portable restrooms located throughout the festival, which are shown on the festival map.

  • Cornwall Street: Just off King Street, the restrooms are located on the right near the picnic area.
  • North King Street: Restrooms are near the Courthouse Complex on the right, heading north.
  • East Market Street: Restrooms are located in the back of the Post Office parking lot.

There are also restrooms inside the Town Hall which are available for public use.


Wagons are available at the gazebo in the center of town to help you deliver purchases to your car. Your I.D will be held at the gazebo until the wagon is returned.