Our landscape displays are the brightest highlight of the Flower and Garden Festival. They are by far the most popular attraction in the festival and we are astounded each year at how our landscape designers continually push the envelope with their amazing creativity. We welcome new and returning landscapers to join us for this event.


In order to be part of the Flower and Garden Festival, you’ll need to submit a vendor application. To be considered on time, please make sure that you complete application by January 8, 2020. Also, be sure to mark that you are a landscaper and include photos of your past work. It is not necessary to include your plans for your landscaped garden space, but if you have them, that’s great. A landscape display space is 24 feet wide by 16 feet deep- please use these dimensions as you plan your design. Be sure to indicate if power will be needed. If power is needed just for set-up purposes (lights, saws, etc.) generators are permitted.


The landscapers that join us for the event can participate in our People’s Choice Award competition.This award is bestowed upon a lucky landscaper by our event guests. Event guests vote by placing a ballot in the birdhouse located at the middle of the event. Votes are accepted until noon on Sunday and the award is presented later that afternoon. The winning booth will receive a prime corner space for the 2021 Flower and Garden Festival, a plaque to be placed in their exhibit, and announced in a press release after the event.


Our landscapers never fail to bring the ‘wow’ factor to their designs, but sometimes those wows take a lot of planning and forethought. As you begin your concept planning, please work with our event staff to ensure we can accommodate your plans and to make any special arrangements. The load in process for this event is a very coordinated effort, as we have a limited amount of time for set up and very narrow streets in our historic downtown area. In general, our landscapers are brought onto the streets around 6:00pm on Friday evening and are permitted 2-3 trucks for the initial load-in. We encourage you to stock your trucks with all the initial items you will need and to bring in supplemental material later in the evening (usually after 11pm). Loaders, forklifts and other equipment are permitted for set up. If a crane or other large piece of machinery is needed, please contact staff to make arrangements. As you begin set up, please be sure to set up 12 inches from the curb, to allow water to flow freely. Landscapers are welcome to use as much time as needed for set-up, however all vehicles must be off the street by 9am on Saturday. Water sources are available throughout the festival for plant maintenance- please plan to have a hose available. All items may be left overnight as we have 24 hour security throughout the weekend.

At the close of the festival, we will work with you to get your vehicles into the festival area as quickly as possible. We encourage you to have enough staff on hand to make break down as fast and as efficient as possible. All materials must be removed from the streets; with the exception of mulch- our Public Works crew will remove that for you. Our goal is to have all vendors and landscapers off the streets no later than 9pm on Sunday.

If you have additional questions or want further information about being part of the Flower and Garden Festival, please contact flowerandgarden@leesburgva.gov.


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