Festivals and food is a match made in heaven, so come join us as a food vendor for this great event! We are looking for a variety of fun and creative food vendors that offer unique and tasty dishes.

The food vendor application will be available by December 1st 2019. A vendor application should include both the application and the Food Service Agreement. A sample menu and photographs of your set up are also required. Please remember that our food vendors are juried by a team of our staff, so the more information you can provide about your products, the better.

In regards to the Loudoun County Health Department, please note that all paperwork must be submitted to the Flower and Garden Festival staff and all accepted vendors will be submitted to the Health Department as part of an entire event package. Please ensure that payment for Health Department fees are made via separate check made payable to the Loudoun County Department of Health.


Please note that space is very tight at the festival and we ask that you consider the actual amount of space your set up will require. Please plan for trailer hitches and any other ‘extras’ that you might not think of when measuring the amount of space you may need. Please also note that the amount of space you are awarded must accommodate ALL of your set up needs. There is no wiggle room to accommodate smokers, wash stations, etc. Your entire set up MUST fit within your allotted space.


There is no power available for food vendors at the festival . You must provide your own WHISPER (or similar) generator for use at the show. Should a generator be deemed too loud or not adequate for the show, you will be asked to replace it or be removed from the show. This may seem harsh, however it truly is a mandatory part of the event in order to be as business and customer friendly as possible.


Please visit the Town of Leesburg’s Food Vendor site to apply as a food vendor for the Flower and Garden Festival and other Town events.